About Hegashall
our heritage

The business was started by Peter Marshall and Michael Hegarty with one small stand and has grown to an annual turnover in excess of £8.5 million with a staff of 15. Michael retired to the golf course in 2015 whilst Joe and Carl Redden - two long serving members of the sales team – took a seat on the board of directors.

In Spring 2018, the business moved into brand new purpose built premises a short drive away from the current site which is to be re-developed.

our story

The Hegashall story is one of triumph in the face of uncertainty. From our central Birmingham location, we have provided the people of Birmingham with the finest fresh produce for over 25 years.

 In 2011, After years of neglect, Birmingham council gave notice to all traders to move forcing us to re-locate the business.

Frustrating delays beyond our control saw the move date pushed back numerous times whilst enduring an ever-neglected market site making trading conditions very difficult. Unable to invest in our current premises and unsure of their future, Hegashall was left in limbo.

Sheer determination and perseverance saw us through and we finally moved into our brand-new purpose-built site in May 2018 after an investment of over a quarter of a million pounds.

The new facility, while not as central as the previous location, provides us with a modern state-of-the-art new facility from which to serve our loyal customer base.

Business as usual.